been listening to a lot of rob zombie so my brain is just going "rama lama rama lama loo" over and over


sometimes youre studying and just need to take a break to draw a cute boy ♡




thank the lord for straighteners


a komaeda, for funzies


guilty gear drawings




i forgot about inktober again.... oh well, i will try not to forget next year, its the 4th today, so it's too late for me now....




i wanted to draw randal using only one layer, as i am often guilty of having 50 different unlabeled layers, lol.



georges galore


i am practicing using a cuter way of drawing, and i thought, who is cuter than remilia?


he is my favorite



clockworkcreeper's top favorite manga

1. Litchi Hikari Club

an absolute classic, a bit like lord of the flies. perfect mix of aesthetic beauty, gratuitous violence, interesting characters and a grungy setting. i definitely reccommend you read it before your untimely death. i also reccommend the film, its a very good adaptation as far as adaptations go. CW: gore, violence, underage nudity, sexual content and references.

2. Kami no Kodomo

a story about a boy. disturbing, psychological and beautiful. a very unique and interesting art style. i reccommend but please keep in mind this is not a kind of boy to look up to, he is rather erm.... not very nice. CW: gore, violence, underage nudity, sex between minors and sexual references.

3. Franken Fran

very fun and cute fanservice-type characters combined with graphic body horror and monsters. a definite must-read. CW: gore, body horror, nudity, sexual references.

4. Literally anything by Asumiko Nakamura

the image is for copernicus no kokyuu but i really do mean her entire body of work. i could not reccommend her manga more. from disturbing psychological manga about the human condition to cute BL manga, she manages to keep a consistent yet varied repertoire. CW: depends on the work.

5. Watamote

pretty different to the other stuff on my list but a great manga nonetheless. it is about a girl who wants nothing more than to be popular, yet she is clueless, socially awkward and spends half of her time listening to drama CDs about yandere boys. a relatable and humorous slice of life that really captures what it is like the be the "weird kid". CW: sexual references.


rats are really cool, i think they are my favorite animal



emilio ghost eyes



⚠ this entry contains spoilers for the flash 2023 ⚠

i just saw the flash.... it was so cool, 3 whole generations of batmans; affleck, keaton AND clooney!!!! and it was also based on flashpoint which is super hella cool. even though it was pretty different. the thing i appreciate most about DC is the nonlinearity of it which makes it open to different creative interpretations within different genres and different actors, universes, storylines and so much and i really love seeing the movies because despite their (somewhat) inaccuracies to the comic, they are still super (no pun intended) cool and really awesome and stuff.