both play dead then cry out loud, why we always cry this way?

.... 24/11/23

.... 19/11/23

chiyari, bedman, george, bridget, and phaedra zalatoris (npc in a campaign im working on)

.... 18/11/23

had the whole day to myself today, so i started rewatching junjou romantica again, watched some youtube videos, played guitar and piano and made a hairclip based on bridget's (but with silver instead of gold). i had a diet microwave tunabake for dinner, and a chicken, chutney, and spinach, turkish bread sandwich for lunch. i dont really eat breakfast.
it was interesting, and i suppose worth noting, that while i was playing guitar, my lead was playing up due to the fact that i was using my crappy cheap guitar and the jack sucks, and the lead playing up combined with my distortion pedal made it sound like my amp said "judgement" in a middle-aged man's voice. on piano i was playing "A Night in Tunisia" by dizzy gillespie, and on guitar i was playing "Meet the Creeper" by rob zombie.
its only 18:13 now, so i will probably read a volume of bakuman and drink some herbal tea, and then go to bed early. or i will do that and then watch the x-files. im not sure.

.... 12/11/23

.... 12/11/23

.... 11/11/23

4chan /cm/ discovers ranfren

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