i wanted a reference for how i draw hinata and komaeda, so i did it. i have been doing a lot of references lately, it helps me get my thoughts in line.

.... 07/07/24

i have been running this site for over a year now, couldnt remember the actual date so let's just say that dhampyr.neocities.org's birthday is the 29th of june. it's been fun to put my art somewhere, even if only a few people see it, and it's nice to have a corner of the web that is mine. i feel like a little daddy long legs underneath a urinal.
also here's a reference of taylor because i draw her often but i never did a reference.

.... 29/06/24

.... 28/06/24

im very fond of yankii characters

.... 22/06/24

have been replaying the danganronpa games

.... 20/06/24

.... 15/06/24

wip for a new art page in the future

.... 09/06/24

.... 09/06/24

.... 02/06/24

happy birthday to me....

.... 16/05/24

.... 15/05/24

started one piece a couple of weeks ago, there is a long journey ahead

.... 11/05/24


.... 06/05/24

ffxv auto snaps

.... 03/05/24

ice cream will fix it

.... 30/04/24

i want a bear hoodie like his

.... 30/04/24

.... 28/04/24