dream diary: entry 4.
i went to a convenience store to buy some things like decorative paper and candy but i cant remember why. i think it was someone's birthday. when i got to the register the girl working there told me that my total was $199.32 with discounts, and i only had four items. i looked at the screen where they show what you bought, and it was all wrong. i got a bit angry and told her to stop trying to scam me. she retotalled and it was $16.15. i said "that's more like it". i left the convenience store and realised i missed the bus, which comes at 12:17. it was 12:27. while i was walking to the bus stop to wait for the next bus, i saw my grandparents, and we started to walk to their car. we saw the side of a pub resturant that obviously did shrimp barbeque, because there were adverts all over the building that said things like "krill on the grill" and "yellow from the grellow". that second one makes no sense, but it's a dream so who cares. i turned around to my grandparents, and started getting excited about the shrimp, and shouting "yellow from the grellow". as we walked past i turned back again and said to them "we arent going in, are we?"
key themes: convenience store, prawn/krill/shrimp, food, money, bus, grandparents


dream diary: entry 3.
i was at a friends house that wasnt really his house, but it was the same style of house, only bigger. in my dream each room was an html page. at the house, his grandmother was staying there, and she was called nan. nan was scary because when she had her eyes down, she reached out as if to grab my neck, and then as soon as i noticed and got scared, she looked up and waved and smiled at me. there was a html tag to stop her which was <nan>. i discovered this, but as soon as i entered a room to put the <nan> tag on the html code, she approached me. i tried kneeling on the floor so i could see her eyes, but she grabbed my neck nonetheless, and i was too late to put the code in, and she strangled me and crushed my throat.
key themes: nan, html, eyes, strangulation


dream diary: entry 2.
i dreamt that i was living in a small town like in the birds by alfred hitchcock. it was raining heavily and flash-flooding, meanwhile there was a killer on a rampage looking for a new face. i managed to evade him by giving him different weapons while running away, because i think he had some kind of compulsion about holding one thing at once. when the floods were getting really bad my mother lead me to this tiny one-story a-frame shack, which wasnt old, since the wood wasnt rotting and it looked like fresh hardwood. once i was inside she gave me watercolour art supplies and 2 pads of paper, locked the door, then ran off with the rest of the town. i was in the shack for a little while and droplets were falling on my head and around me. i got up to walk around and while i had my back turned, the killer jumped out at me from nowhere. and then i woke up to the sound of heavy rain.
key themes: rain, flooding, killer, mother, watercolours, hiding


dream diary: entry 1.
it was long, but i cant remember much, just an otis b driftwood/riff raff kind of guy speaking to me. i only remember the last thing he said; "you dont know what you want". and then i saw bloodied body parts in the snow. the most interesting part though, is that after the body parts, i was woken up to a can falling off of my bookshelf. a can that was between two others, and didnt knock any other cans off on its way down. it was loud and quite disturbed me.
honestly it was probably just an effect of all of the horror films i watched leading up to halloween, but the can part is still unexplainable.