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rocketmannnnn burning out his fuse up here alone

name:dunno, i forgot

sex: male

age: 21

height: 188cm

hair color: reddish brown

eye color: purple

occupation: NEET, aspiring scientist

likes: rocketships, space, mens underwear catalogues, Tomy, cooking

dislikes: being bothered


a young(?) man who really likes science. he is very smart and reads a lot of books, but struggles to hold a conversation and is generally pretty quiet, unless the conversation involves his interests. he has very good genes. he doesnt likes peas very much which can cause conflict within the 444 road street household. his shirt is a brown sleeveless vest under a green shirt that is too small for him. only one button is ever done up. sometimes he forgets to shave, and that he should only light a cigarette in a designated smoking area (he has been arrested for both).


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