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a young man who has an aversion to eating bread, sometimes he is a cannibal but he doesnt actually like eating human because he thinks it tastes too much like bread. his hair is drawn like tentacles and his pupil is also his 2 eyelashes. he prays to no god and wears his underwear as pajamas. he only has one shirt but the picture on it changes all the time.

name:George Campbell LVI

sex: probably male

age: unknown

height: 171cm

hair color: yellow

eye color: brown

occupation: serial killer, NEET

likes: dismemberment, shoujo manga (specifically his favorite Yandere Sakura-chan), american television, clowns, entrails, torture, sunny days, splicing, the smell of a 3-day-old corpse in the morning, cereal

dislikes: long supermarket lines, 8balls, leather shoes, bat-and-ball sports


  • housemates: J.C., the other guy
  • parents: Susan Campbell, Ravi Campbell
  • friends: Tomy Evans, Gell Barbeau, WMP, Corey
  • enemies: that old lady who is always in front of him at the grocery store and takes 20 years to load her shopping cart onto the conveyer belt

appearance: yellow shoulder length hair that looks like tentacles, an old t-shirt, baggy blue jeans and red sneakers with an inverted pentacle on the white part. he has one eyelash on the top of each of his eyes, and one on the bottom.